“Ideal Death”

No one knows when we are going to die. No one can say a car will never unexpectedly dash into you when you are walking
buoyantly down the street,
dressing in the latest fashion you just bought yesterday. Who would love that, when fashion is something to make your life
more colorful and lively?

However, an aspect of amazement is necessary in fashion.
It is not enough to wear the trend.
You will need more than a makeup with an attitude.
A destroyed look does not work anymore to make people look back at you.
But what if you abruptly fell down and die in the middle of the street?
You will, for sure, be the center of everyone’s attention.

Well, when I imagine something like that, fashion photography is a useful tool.
Fashion photography makes it so much easier to realize something extraordinary.

If it was up to you…
How would you like to die?
Where would you want to be?
What would you like to wear?

Then women become full of imagination.

I want to die, feeling the breeze in a filed full of flowers in bloom.
I want a sudden death in the international airport heading to the catwalk show at Paris Collection.
I would rather die in the trunk carried by my loved man during his journey.

My question is “how would you like to die?” But when they tell me their stories, I realize they are not talking about death, at all,
but they are talking
about how they live, how they want to live!

I see. An ideal death is an ideal way to live.

Izima Kaoru