“You are beautiful”

Since its birth, photography has been considered to be the magical medium that captures the truth.
But everyone knows now that is only the past myth.

Historically, we have been pushing ourselves forward to realize our wish to be more beautiful, by make-up, shape-up, tattoo and
cosmetic surgery.
In this age with the advanced digital technology, it looks as though we are still devoting ourselves to pursue the ideal beauty
in the virtual image by using digital modification.

Is the truth so not worth looking at?
Are we not beautiful as we are?

A thought occurred to me to photograph a human body by high-definition digital back and enlarge the image as large as possible
without retouching.

I felt as though I was trying to find the smallest creature hiding in the vast field.
Moreover, by looking at people around me in such a point of view, they started to look so attractive, regardless of their age or

I would like to pay my respects to my models, for understanding the nature of my experiment, which seems to counteract
the trend and I would like to compliment on their being.

You are beautiful.

Izima Kaoru